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Vintage Rolex Explorer 1016 | Austin Kaye

At Austin Kaye we buy and sell vintage, collectable and fine quality watches. Having previously sold a mixture of new watches and pre-owned watches.

In 2010 we focused solely on the world of pre-owned. In 1946 Austin Kaye first opened its doors, in the Strand in central London, offering a range of new and second hand pieces. Today Austin Kaye is recognised as one of the leading dealers in the United Kingdom of pre-owned watches and is still a family owned business.

With over 130 years of collective experience we are able to buy, sell, repair, refurbish  some of the most sought-after, collectable and desirable pieces from the best names within the World of Watches. We run seasonal advertising campaigns in national newspapers, radio stations and magazines and are exploring the possibilities and advantages offered by social media, after the success of our website www.austinkaye.co.uk.

With watches coming in everyday for our buyers to value, we never know what we will be offered. There will be the occasional watch is a real joy to see and a must have for our shop window, an example of this is our Rolex 1016 Explorer chronometer from 1965.

The Rolex Explorer is an iconic watch in the Rolex range, the 1016 being one of the most well-known models, and being connected to famous names through its history. The Rolex Explorer is an attractive piece, has the appeal of a Rolex Sport watch, such as the Submariner, and has the size of a Rolex Air King. It has the stainless steel Oyster case with iconic screw-down crown and case back, and stainless steel bracelet. The most recognisable feature of the Explorer is the black matt dial with aged white hour and minute markers and “Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer” at the 12 o’clock position. This Explorer is the Chronometer version, with “Superlative Chronometer Official Certified” above the 6 o’clock position. This is considered to be the best of the Explorer I models. Worn by the likes of Sir Edmund Hillary, the first confirmed man along with Tenzing Norgay to reach the summit of Mount Everest, it has etched this watch into the history of watch making.

When a timepiece like this comes in to our stock, with its own incredible personal history, it makes it that bit more special.  What makes it even rarer is the fact that it has had a military career spanning from 1966 all the way to 1982. This timepieces original owner detailed it incredible life including 8 tours for the British Army in Northern Ireland, 3 years in the jungles of Malaya and Borneo, Falklands War and over 100 military parachute jumps. It is a true testament to the quality of a watch like this, that after over 17 years of military service and a touch of magic from our watchmaker it is still as impressive as the day it was purchased

We are in the rare position to be able to deal with some of the finest watches available, from all years and from a large range of manufactures. 

All our watches include a 2 year Austin Kaye guarantee